Accomplished ESL teacher with nearly 4 years of teaching experience in China. Background includes professional writing for award winning technical journals such as, and experience in professional writing, busi-ness and American law.
EXPERIENCE english 英国

Part-Time Teacher, Guangxi University in Nanning 2007-2008
My responsibilities focused on delivering high-energy lessons to upper-middle class learners with a wide range of aca-demic abilities.

Director of Studies, Morris IELTS of Nanning 2006-2007*
My responsibilities included hiring and training of new foreign teachers, supervision of all teachers, and developing ongoing methods to improve student-driven recruiting via improving our teaching methods to better match the needs and desires of our clients. When I began, our school had 84 students and 2 part-time foreign teachers, when I left our student body was over 200 students and we had 2 full-time and 3 part-time teachers.

Part-Time Teacher, Webster Education of Nanning 2006-2007
My responsibilities at Webster include teaching children of all ages subjects ranging from beginners English courses up to higher-level IELTS classes.

Manager of Accounts Receivable Department, The Hameroff Law Firm, Tuczon, AZ 2003-2006
I was responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of an entire department of collectors. My daily duties in-volved interfacing with process servers, lawyers, judges, all in an attempt to drive a 5-man team to hit $10,000 US a day in revenue collected. After moving to China I was able to stay on and supervise collection activities for a time due to the VPN (Virtual Private Network) systems employed by our law office.
Juris Doctorate
Concord Correspondence School of Law
Kaplan University
Los Angeles, CA
Awarded: December 2008

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ
Awarded: December 2003