国籍:美国            性别:男          生日/年龄:1962
OBJECTIVE:  To live and work in China in a constructive, creative, and positive environment.
TESOL Teacher
Ceramic Engineer
Production Supervisor
Processing Engineer
Lab Technician
Feb 2009 to  Nov 2009
Taught oral English at Ci Xiao College, Jingdezhen – Classes included Travel English and Business English students.  Class sizes ranged from 20 to 44 students.  Eighteen lessons a week.
景德镇陶瓷学校      旅游、商务英语老师     2009年
May 2008 to Oct 2008
Taught oral English in Yangshuo – Class sizes ranged from 1 to 10 adults.
阳朔    英语口语老师         2008年
Feb. 2006 to Oct 2007
Complete remodel/rebuild of residential house to meet City of Seattle code requirements for addition to house, electrical wiring, plumbing, framing, and HVAC.
Extended travel time overseas to China, Australia, and Thailand.
完成重新设计的居民房子       西雅图   
April 2003 to Feb 2006
Operation Supervisor – Responsible for 24 hr specialty glass production.  Responsibilities included:  supervising personnel for 3 shifts (on-call 24 hrs); scheduling product flow; ensuring satisfactory equipment operation; overseeing quality control; troubleshoot and solution implementation to ensure “on-time” shipping; hiring and proper training of new personnel; and coordination between upper management needs/requirements and production workers.
操作主管           2003至2006年
March 2000 to April 2003
QA Assist/Assistant Manager/Manager – Involved with and managed “perform” production of zener diode casing.  Responsibilities included supervising 2 shift operation; maintaining high quality utilizing six-sigma and Cpk statistical processing controls; ensuring proper equipment operation of Spray Drier, dry pressing, tunnel kilns, and packaging equipment.
经理助理           2000至2003年
March 1999 to March 2000
Laboratory Technician:   Responsible for daily quality testing of Production glass samples utilizing high precision instrumentation; maintaining and repairing lab equipment; determining proper Production processing.
实验室技术员       1999至2000年
TESOL Certification (Jan ’08) from Zhuhai, China    TESOL资格证
Associate of Arts Degree (2 yr degree) from North Seattle Community College (1986-1989)
西雅图北部社区学院         文科      学士      1986至1989年
Bachelors of Science Degree in Ceramic Engineering from the University of Washington  (1989-1995)  华盛顿大学     制陶工程        学士     1989至1995年