Roger Homan 

Age: 59 years   年龄:59岁
Nationality: British / Australian / New Zealand   国籍:英国、澳大利亚、新西兰 
2009 – 2000 – China Work Experience – 工作经验:中国     2000至2009年  
CUSTOMIZED TRAINING COURSES       定制培训课程      中国国企和跨国公司 
I plan & deliver customized courses for Chinese State Owned Enterprises (SOE’s) and multinational companies – to help trainees develop specific job-related English language skills.  I have worked for some of the largest Chinese SOE’s & the world’s largest multinational companies.
Chinese SOE’s:
PetroChina (Project Management – overseas)
China Fourth Harbor Engineering Company (Project Management)
GDD - Guangzhou Foreign Direct Investment Bureau (Business Presentations)
China Mobile Communications Corporation - CMCC - (National Public Speaking contest)
Multinationals: ABB China - Exxon Mobil - P&G - Maersk Sealand - International Flavors and Fragrances - Deloitte Touche and Tohmatsu - Mattel Die Cast China – Mattel Engineering China - CMA CGM Shipping - Thomson Alcatel – Renolit China - and many more.
Topics: General business English / Cross-cultural understanding /  Business Presentations
All 2008-7 – University lecturer in Hubei, Shaanxi, Jiangsu, Beijing, Changsha and Guangdong.  Working with tens of thousands of students - lecturing on:
Workplace English - Applying For and Getting a Job
Interview Skills using English
Skillful Public Speaking                                      
April 2009 – British Council BULATS examiner (Business Language Testing)
Sept. 2007 - Accredited TOEEP (Test of English for Employment Purposes) examiner
Sept. 2006 - Accredited ETS – TOP (Test of Oral Proficiency) Examiner 
MBA LECTURING  MBA课程    中山大学   华南理工大学      
2004/5 – I held a 90-hour training course at: The MBA faculty - Zhongshan University
1 – Business Oral – 2 credits.  This was BEC2 level business English
2 – Effective managerial communication skills business writing and speaking.
This MBA course is the “International MBA Program” and is 100% taught in English.            The Lingnan International MBA program works with the MIT Sloan School of Management.
2001 – 2000 – MBA English - South China University of Technology 5 core units of the MBA program.  Teaching materials: Management - Prentice Hall International 5th edition
1 - International Business
2 - Communication in Business
3 - Human Resource Management and Planning
4 - Organizational Development
5 - Organization Structure and Design - New Design Options
Seminars / Intensive / Weekend Courses   研讨会/周末课程
Ran courses for the Education Dept. Guangzhou Kaifaqu - on Foreign Direct Investment.
Ran 6 x 2 month intensive Civil Engineering Project Management English courses – for Project Managers being posted overseas by the China Harbor Engineering Company.
One and two day courses on: Motivation – Situational Leadership – Meeting skills – E-learning
2008 – 2003 – I taught several business writing courses, some straight from textbooks, and others from customized material.  
This includes: Email writing / memos / business letters / short reports / long reports.
(Write For Business – Longman and Writing For Business – Longman).
2008 – 2007 – I taught 2 x 3 month International Marketing courses at Midea in Shunde. This focused on approaching and penetrating the global marketplace. One world – many wallets.   
学力: CELTA资格证书     1999年
1999 May – June CELTA Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults
UCLES/RSA University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate / Royal Society of Arts
1996 Diploma of Business Management - The Economic Environment – Organization and Management – Introduction to Marketing – Accounting for Supervisors
 工商管理文凭            1996年
1995 Introduction to Computing - Intermediate Computing - Business Administration 
   企业管理            1995年