Chris Taylor



Mr. Christopher L. Taylor

  国籍:新西兰           性别:男         生日/年龄:60



l        I am a 50 year old male New Zealander currently residing in China and very keen to find employment as a teacher of English language to students. I would like to help students increase their proficiency in spoken English and further develop my skills as a language teacher. I am very confident I have the ability and the energy to do both of these tasks. I have been living in Guangzhou for five months and I am married to a Chinese national.


学力:惠灵顿维多利亚大学     文科   学士

l        Bachelor of Arts (First Class Honours in English) received from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, on the 25th day of February 2008.


l        Certificate in ESOL Home Tutoring received from the Wellington Home Tutor Service (Inc.) 2004, approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority.



工作经验:金桥外语学校       口语老师

l        Currently I am employed by JinQiaoLanguageSchool, Guangzhou to teach oral English to students from South China University of Science and Technology, Panyu. I also have employment on a casual basis with RandolphLanguageSchool in Guangzhou. Set texts for these classes include Family Album USA and the New Interchange series although they form only the basis of classes in which I employ many methods to try to improve students’ listening and speaking skills. 

新西兰  对移民新西兰的非英语为母语的人教授英语

l        As an ESOL Home Tutor I have substantial experience tutoring immigrants to New Zealand whose first language is not English.

l        In 2006 while a post-graduate student I tutored graduates in the subject of literature. This included tutoring three groups of students once every week in topics assigned by the lecturer, and also the assistance in, and grading of written assignments, and of grading exam papers.


l        I have ongoing interests in language learning and I believe my learning Chinese Mandarin is of great assistance in teaching English to Chinese students. For example, it gives me an insight into the special problems of learning a second language and because language does operate as a window on the culture to which it belongs, it offers a wealth of shared connections and topics for discussion with my students.

l        I am fit and healthy. I like to swim regularly and I also enjoy walking in the natural environment. I enjoy reading and have a good knowledge of world literature and a developing knoweldge of Chinese literature. I enjoy living in China.

l        I consider myself to have a good speaking voice and a pleasant personality, and to be a diligant worker and a loyal employee.