Aaron Brandenburger



Aaron Albert Brandenburger

Male, American Citizen, Age: 30


国籍:美国           性别:男            年龄:30

Employment Summary

Telephone Sales Representative  Minnesota Telemarketing Inc. - September 1995 - June 1999

19959---19996  电话销售代表 Minnesota Telemarketing公司


Customer Service Personnel.客户服务Pizza Hut Restaurant - August 1999 - December 2002


Technical Support Agent. Sykes Inc. - January 2002 - December 2002

技术支持 Sykes 公司


Sales Floor Personnel Super One Foods. - May 2004 – October 2007


English (ESL) Instructor  English First Training Center – October 2007 – Present

200710现在 英孚学校兼职老师


English Tutor/Trainer October 2007 - Present; Various private tutoring for individuals and small groups, children through adult .



Virginia High School, High School, June 1995

General High School education - Diploma Awarded


Gordon University, Bachelor of Science: Computer Science, June 2000

Gordon   罗伯特戈登大学  电脑科学   学士    

General education and computer studies,  Degree awarded, defunct institution.

学力:佛罗里达城市大学  国际工商管理  学士

Florida Metropolitan University, Bachelor International Business Administration, February 2007

2nd degree uncompleted, attended first year at this university prior to transferring to current institution.

宾培养大学   酒店管理   

Penn Foster College, Associate, Hospitality Management, Presently Enrolled

Current student transferred into the Hospitality Management degree program. Degree studies focus on hotel/resort administration and management, as well as restaurant food/beverage operations


Linguaedge/Maselle Career College,  Current enrollment in TEFL training course.


Skills  语言技能:本土英语、基本日语口语、汉语初学

Languages - English: native level proficiency; Japanese: basic greeting  level oral ability; Chinese: beginning  personal study of Putonghua. Basic greeting level.


Interpersonal - Skills acquired from previous work experience include: Direct customer interaction and assistance, assisting customers with placements of orders and other requests, contact customers with offers via telemarketing, assist customers with information or various tasks, and to resolve any various issues. Directly assist and interact with clients from a customer service perspective.