Graduate: MA in English, May 2003 University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, U.S.A.
Undergraduate:  BS in English, April 2001  Tennessee Temple University, U.S.A.  Awarded TTU Entrance Scholarship
Work Experience:
School: South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou, China
Position: English Foreign Teacher
Period: Sept 2008 – Present
Responsibilities: Teaching Undergraduate Oral English, Modern Fiction and American Literature, Culture of English-Speaking Countries Masters Classical Western Culture and Writing
School:  Guangdong Teachers’ College of Foreign Language and Arts
Position: English Foreign Teacher, Guangzhou, China
Period:  Jan-July 2008
Responsibilities:   Taught Oral English; Judged Drama and Speech Competitions
School:  Neusoft Institute of Information Technology, Foshan, China
Position: English Foreign Teacher
Period: July 2003 – June 2007
Responsibilities:    Taught Oral English, Reading, Listening; Organized and helped run English Corners; Judged
English Speech Competitions; Organized and helped run Holiday Celebrations on Campus.Jeremiah R. Johnson,
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School:    University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Position:  Assistant Editor of Literary Journal
Period:   Sept 2002 – May 2003
Responsibilities:  Edited articles for a Literary Journal of English Teaching Professionals; Word-processed and
prepared the journal for printing.
Business:Sushi-Nabe of Kyoto Japanese Restaurant
Position: Host, waiter and bus boy
Period:3 years; June 2000 – July 2003
Manager:   Mr. Hiroshi Yanagida, 001-423-267-9003
Responsibilities:  Served customers; cleaned and organized tables.
 Other Skills and Interests:
 - Poet and Essayist
- Children’s Story-Teller
- Chess
- Russian, British and American Literature
- Traveling