Objective:My objective and goals are simple. I wish to  learn Mandarin and Chinese culture. I am seeking employment to sustain me while in China.
Experience in Teaching:  I have over 12 years experience in private teaching. My work in this regard was completely voluntary. I also have experience in public teaching and in a classroom setting. Most of my teaching was done on a voluntary basis. I do have some experience teaching in a professional sense as well. See my information in the following sections for details.
Education:I have had several years of additional education. My education has always been geared towards customer service and dealing with people. The education I have gotten has taught me how to be a good teacher. People often do not understand a particular problem they are having with there vehicle, my education has taught me how to explain things simply so they can understand. My education in is as follow starting from my most recent course.   Date: May 17,2009 - May 22, 2009   Institute: Canadian Institute of English    Location: Toronto Canada Type of Degree: TESOL Certificate   I attended a comprehensive course and acquired my TESOL Certificate. The class helped me to learn and develop the following language teaching Skills: Communicative approach including Conversation, Biographical Database, Tell the story, Chaos Theory. Applied Neurophysiology of Second Language Acquisition. Accelerated Audio Lingual and Advanced Dual Dialogue. Accelerated Pronunciation & Accent Reduction Retinatopic Imaging, C.A.L.L., Multimedia. Educational Kinesiology I & II. Word Frequency Approach. Content Based Instruction. Accelerated Grammar. Accelerated reading. Accelerated Writing.
Date of Graduation : November 2, 2001       2 Year Course       Institute: Miami Valley Career Technology Center    Location: Dayton, Ohio U.S.A      Type of Degree: FAA Approved Airframe Curriculum         I attended a 2 year course to obtain certification to be federally qualified to test for my A&P certificate. I was tested and promptly acquired my A&P certificate. I am qualified to work on aircraft governed by the FAA. My qualifications include The following Aircraft Systems: Hydraulics, Electrical, Flight Controls, Emergency, Landing Gear, Fuel Control and Storage, Passenger Compartment and Convenience, Auto-Pilot, Communications, Windows, Environmental, Pressurization, Navigation, and other Systems. My Qualifications also extend to other areas legally allowed to work under using the Airframe Certificate these include the following: Inspection, Basic Sheet Metal Repair, Frame Repair, Air-Data Testing, Troubleshooting and other duties outlined in the FAA FARS as listed for Airframe Mechanics. I also have Power Plant Certificate. This allows me to perform all Maintenance on Engines and power sources on Aircraft. I am qualified to work on reciprocating as well as jet engines. My qualifications were acquired through work experience and time spent in a Technical School. I am qualified to perform work and duties on engines and power plants in accord with FAA FARS as listed for Power Plant Mechanics.
Date of Graduation : April 13, 2000     18 Month Course      Institute: State Department of Education        Location: Columbus, Ohio       Type of Degree: Ohio High School Equivalence Diploma         I attended an 18 Month course to obtain my GED. I acquired my GED. This Diploma shows that I have all the basic skills needed to work in a general workforce. In lieu of this education I have a total of 12 years recognized State sponsored Education. This includes Elementary, Middle and High School Education.
Date of Graduation : May 31, 1990     2 Year Course       Institute: Springfield Clark County Joint Vocational School             Location: Springfield, Ohio       Type of Degree: Certificate in Automotive Technology       This certificate Qualified me in working on the following automobile system: Brakes, Fuel, Air-Conditioning, Cooling, Engine, Fuel-Injection, Carburetor, Electronic Engine Control, Transmission, Drive train. I was qualified to perform basic maintenance an repair on all over the road gasoline and diesel vehicles. My skills were developed to be able to adequately troubleshoot, diagnose and repair problems with all vehicle systems.