English Test


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Part I Choose either A, B, C or D. (15 minutes) (15 points)
1. What’s your name? ()
A. My name Tom    B. My name’s Tom    C. Tom is    D. I Tom
2. What’s the time? () 7:45.
A. It    B. Is    C. Time’s    D. It’s
3. Last year I () in Germany.
A. did    B. were    C. was    D. will be
4. If you arrive here late again, () you.
A. I’ll fire    B. I fire you    C. do I fire you    D. I fired you
5. She () crazy to go out with someone like him.
A. can be    B. has    C. will be    D. must be
6. If () enough money, I’d definitely get a new car.
A. I’d have    B. I had    C. I gotten    D. I’ll have
7. Would you mind () in here? I just find it very unpleasant.
A. not be smoking    B. to no smoke    C. not smoking    D. of not smoking
8. () I live in France, I actually don’t enjoy French food much.
A. Even though    B. Every though    C. Even    D. As though
9. No sooner had I opened my front door () that something was wrong.
A. and I realized    B. than I realized    C. did I realize    D. had I realized
10. Here are your orders: you () to Washington immediately.
A. are returned    B. are to return    C. would return    D. may return