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Frequently Asked Questions

1, then the number of English language training school. Why should I choose to study in Huaying teacher centers?

A: We the Huaying center difference is: we provide the teachers are foreign teachers. Our textbooks continue to internationalization focus on pedagogy, new materials. Target to meet the needs of different students. Our learning time can be agreed between the parties, to provide the most personalized service.

2, Hello, may I ask your English teacher from where?
A: Our foreign teachers from the United States, Canada, UK, Australia, the Philippines and other countries.

3, hello, how you can choose the course?
A: First you must determine the learning objectives. Depending on your learning goals we have a professional oral test, the test we will arrange a consulting teacher based on your specific situation with you to discuss the most suitable for your course.

4, the class how many students?
A: Currently we do not have classes, but the best 2 to 3 students can group classes can also be 4 to 10 people since the group classes. The age difference and the standard of English varies, we recommend one-on-one teaching is the best.

5, the course time is how to arrange?
A: The time of our teachers to teach rolling, according to the participants the time to do the arrangements, or both can be specific agreements.

Protection in Huaying learn how?
A: We do have to protect every student in our education center training, so we have a personalized English written trust agreement, if the student is not satisfied with the teacher, we can arrange replacement teacher. The teacher of our consultants will provide service tracking lectures, at any time to follow up on students' learning, integrity is the purpose of our Huaying.