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Normally Payment

Payment 1:

Class prior to signing of an agreement, and first sexual intercourse foot full tuition. (Specific curriculum consultation canmake a payment)

 the company accounts: Guangzhou English Education Information Consulting Co., Ltd.

Bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Guangzhou hi-tech Development Zone Branch

Account Number: 3,602,008,109,200,190,469

Address: Tianhe District, Guangzhou Gaoke Building, No. 906,Tianhe North Road, Block A, G (South China Normal University,Simon, the China division next to the subway station)

Tel: 4008 888 443 020-3835 082,038,316,021

Web site: www.mse22.com

E-mail address: prcenglish@sina.com prcenglish@hotmail.com

Recommended teacher service processes

Step 1: Request a service contract, signed, sealed and sent back, and call to confirm;

Step 2: obtain a copy of the foreign teachers demand table, to accurately fill out detailed;

Step Three: foreign teachers resume, listen to feedback;

Step 4: advances in the contract wire transfer to a designated bank;

Step 5: Details of the foreign teachers to arrange a phone interview;

Step 6: Fax the contract, the relevant procedures, arrange pick-up;

Step 7: with the teacher to sign the formal contract, to settle theservice charge, mailing invoices.