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Second, personalized service in English Teaching Process 
 1. The first step to comprehensive English test; 
 2. The second step, the background, the purpose to learn English to understand, analyze; 
 3. The third step is to determine the learning plan, learning objectives, learning time and place; 
 4. The fourth step is the agreement entered into counseling, payment, started learning; 
 5. The fifth step, foreign teachers, education consultants to learn control, follow-up, teaching quality control! Finally satisfactory goal!

Third, how to get foreign teachers and Contact 
 1. Directly call us 020-38350820 38316021 tell us your needs; 
 2. Consultative register on our website fill out your basic information column, our education consultant will contact you as soon as possible; 
 3. You can also send e-mail or QQ message to us, and foreign teachers in our site search information, or call us for help!
free demonstration classes 
 We first 20-30 minutes of free demonstration classes in the demonstration class, you can decide whether to hire the foreign teachers are as your teacher! Freedom of choice, freedom of study, either You decide!