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We have many classes ranging from 2 to 15 students per class. Students level are distinct from novice to preeminent. One on one tutoring, has many natural benefits. If we say natural benefits, something that contributes to increase one’s well-being. While Group class, needs more conscious means tending toward awareness and appreciation. Leadership role on the part of the tutor is more necessity. The principal advantage of a group class is that, the ability for the sharing of ideas and opinions of both learners. Group class also shows cooperation and work skills compare to individual tutoring.

MAIN STREET ENGLISH provides class
for company,adults,teens,kids and schools
  Our Corporate Language Training department provides tailor-made language training for companies and executives.We offer our students measurable results where they can easily see how much they learn as well as how fast.

  For teenagers, success is not just about being able to speak English. It is about being able to use English naturally, confidently, and powerfully. Teaching confidence is supported our learning system. Teachers and native-speaking coaches work on teen students' hard skills and give them opportunities to practice their English.