Location: Home - VIP CLASS - recuiting student
English VIP training (the focus of the U.S. Street teacher English Centre courses)
The crowd: interview, the life of studying abroad, students improve their English level
Class nature: English VIP training (including the spoken one-on-one, speaking to two spoken of the three; spoken 1 second, and spoken of the three required students since the group class)
Course period: 60 hours / period, 120 hours / 240 hours / period of 480 hours / period
Curriculum: student oral accounted for 60% to 80% foreign teachers account for 20% to 40%
School hours: to be mutually agreed between.
Venue: the case may be.
The teacher introduced: no special instructions, as the case may be.
Registration: online registration, telephone counseling, registration, Wah Ying Center Registration
Payment: class, entered into an agreement, and first sexual intercourse foot full tuition.
Opening date and specific details:
Please call: 4008888443 020-38316021 / 38350820