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Teaching System

 1. Training Objectives: Students interested in learning English, the English had better improve quickly, and finally fall in love with English!
 2. Educational philosophy: do teaching and educating, personalized instruction! English student said that out entirely, rather than back, to write, read, listen to the idea to spread out the whole of China, the world as the goal!
 3. Teaching Objectives: The students speak fluent English as the goal; to complete the Western students to think in English as the goal.
 4. Teaching: 80% of the time students said that interest and foreign teachers to teach 20% of the time, 100% of their time teaching for the teaching side. Seize the weaknesses of students to carry out the right remedy, be fully individualized teaching.
 5. Education team and teaching staff: education consultant + excellent foreign teachers, our foreign teachers from the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines and other countries top universities, they generally hold Teacher Certification and rich experience in language teaching!

Why We are your best choice to learn English?

 80% of our time as students, said 20% of the time foreign teachers to correct, to cultivate an interest, to seize the weaknesses of students, to remedy the individualized teaching mode; the same time, English is now to say, swimming is a swim out, rather than the out, read out, write out, back out of teaching the truth! In addition, 100% of the time we face the best mode of communication with students teaching a full range of interactions, it is indeed different from other language training institutions, in fact, we do different! In English, we have 100% confidence to help you!

 Our materials: we are using the world's most advanced, most authoritative, most scientific textbooks: Cambridge International English, Longman English, New Concept English, so you follow through the progressive learning in Wah Ying, we attach great importance to your progress. In the professional foreign teachers, curriculum advisers, learning management division of the joint efforts, we promise that your English will have a qualitative leap, especially spoken!
Listening: foreign teachers in the classroom training the students will be kept hearing, through film, CD, tape, different speech rate, etc. to train students in the hearing; the same time, by the students to record the local people real classroom courses, contact with home review .

 Comprehension: illustrated textbook, a 100% foreign teachers face teaching and learning manager to help you better understand the course content.

 Speaking ability: swimming, is the tour out; speaking, is that out! Huaying to 80% of the time, students said, interest and foreign teachers to teach 20% of the time, 100% of their time teaching as the teaching side. Ensure that the capacity of students to exercise! Especially in the spoken language is able to rapidly increase!

 In Huaying, as long as not dumb, as long as you have more than 2,000 English words, all in just a month to achieve significant progress, there is a qualitative leap!