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       MAIN STREET ENGLISH Established in June, 2005, in  GaoKe Building , Wushan Road,Tianhe District, Guangzhou City, by MR.LEO, an excellent Filipino teacher who persues English teaching as his whole life career, at MAIN STREET ENGLISH We are  one of the largest private english training centers in Guangzhou specializing in offering services such as private one-on-one foreigner tutoring classes and  English training for schools and enterprises, as well as  introducing foreign teachers to work for training centers and schools.
Nowadays, our business has been expanded to teaching in kingdergartons as well as training for students who aim to  furthering  studies overseas . our Students come from more than 10 key primary and middle schools in guangzhou with a totally number of more than 3000 students up till now.
MAIN STREET ENGLISH  has a valuable, competitive and strong  teaching team  which consists of foreign teachers  from native English speaking countries such as  U.S.A, Canada,U.K,Australia, Europe and  ESL Countries including Philippines,India, etc.
Our mission is to impart the English knowledge and communication skill into our students who aim to make a better quality life. Never before has it been so importantly emphasized to understand the diversity way of life and expression. MAIN STREET ENGLISH remains committed to providing students the highest quality educational experience of English study and assess all the time how to best deliver an educational result that satisfies students’needs.

You are more than welcome to come and visit our training center where we would be honored to share our experiences and success with you .For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience. 
Please contact us: Tel400 8888 443 +86 20 38350820 +86 20 38316021  Mobile+86  15920184116
Emailprcenglish@163.com or prcegnlish@hotmail.com 
Website: www.mse22.com